DIASPORA VENETA (VENETIANS IN EXILE) INTERNATIONAL VENETIAN FRONT (DV-IVF) is a free organization. We are Venetians forced to leave our Homeland. We share the ideals and the principles of the following declaration. We are not bound to any governmental or political organization. We will always respect each other as brothers and we will oblige to the following declaration.


What is the meaning of the word VENETIANS (or VENETIAN PEOPLE)?
With this name we call all the inhabitants of the Venice mainland (VENETIA) and of the city of Venice, the Homeland of the People of the MOST SERENE REPUBLIC OF VENICE. This is the true meaning of the world VENETIANS on historical ground.
Nowadays, the Italian Region of Italy named VENETO is just a historical fake. It is an invention of the Italian State for administrative purposes. The boundaries of this Region enclose only a part of the historical VENETIA, the Homeland of the VENETIAN PEOPLE.



Our Homeland is the Venice mainland (Venetia). Our capital city is VENICE. It is and it will be for ever our political, moral and cultural capital city.
We, the Venetian people, share the same heritage and the same glorious history of the Most Serene Republic of Venice. We are brothers one to another.
Everywhere in the world the Venetians are renowned for their honesty, ingenuity, industry. We are hard workers and a law abiding people. We are proud to show everywhere in the word our qualities.
The Kingdom of Italy first, the Italian Republic later conquered our homeland by tricks and unlawful actions. There is no proof that the Venetian People freely accepted to be united to the Italian State. On the contrary in many occasions the Venetian People rose against the invasors and was always loyal to the Government of the Most Serene Republic. The Italians censored or ignored these facts.
The hardship and poverty widespread in the Venice mainland and in the capital after the Italian invasion and unknown during the thousand years of ruling of the Most Serene Republic, forced the Venetian People to emigrate. This forced emigration can be described as an ethnical cleaning. The beginning of this huge tragedy was in the late years of the XIX century and never stopped.
The Kingdom of Italy and the Italian Republic exploited the Venice mainland and the capital Venice as a colonialist state exploits its colony. The wealth produced in Venice and in the Venice mainland has always been used and it is still used today to help the finances of the battered Italian State.
The Italian State imposed the use of the Italian language, the study of the Italian history in the Venetian schools and the Italian symbols in order to erase the Venetian language, history and heritage.
International treaties, signed by the Italian State, recognize the right of the Peoples to be free and to choose their government. But this right is denied to the Venetian people. The Italian State uses a double standard and rules the Venetians from Rome like a colony.
Venice the capital and the Venice mainland are ruled by the Italian invasors like a colony. Our capital Venice a unique city in the world, heritage of the whole humanity is neglected. It is crumbling down. Venice is deprived of the big money generated by the tourism and is left to beg for her survival.
The Kings of Savoia waged four imperialist wars in order to conquer Italy causing deaths, poverty and sufferance to all the Peoples of Italy. They supported criminals, terrorists and adventurers. This is the real history of the UNITY OF ITALY .


To use any non violent and lawful means we will see appropriate in order to free our Homeland and achieve the INDEPENDENCE for the Venetian People. We are one People we deserve our Independent Nation.
To spread with any means we will see appropriate this document. We will send this declaration to the national and international institutions and we will seek the help of our Venetians brothers in exile everywhere in the world.
We will help all the Venetians movements fighting for the independence of the Venetian People.
We will work in order to unite all the Venetian movements fighting for the independence.
To help our Venetian brothers in exile.
To stay in contact with all the Venetians in exile.
To refuse any form of collaboration with the institutions (governmental, cultural, political) working against the aims of this declaration.